JUNE 24, 2020 – Following thousands of lawsuits, the German drug and pesticide maker Bayer has agreed to settle over $10 billion for current and future litigation over claims that the popular weed killing product Roundup causes cancer.

The company announced a settlement Wednesday, that would result in 95% of Roundup lawsuits being resolved and would also establish the settlement of future lawsuits against them.

  • $8.8 to $9.6 billion will be paid to resolve current lawsuits involving Roundup.
  • Additionally, $1.25 billion will be allocated to resolve future Roundup lawsuits.

Despite the number of claims linking Roundup to cancer, the company does not admit any liability or wrongdoing and further insists that there is no link between non-Hodgkins lymphoma and the popular weed killing product. Furthermore, Bayer has stated that they will continue to sell Roundup without including a cancer warning on the label.

Source: Bayer to pay up to $10.9 billion to settle bulk of Roundup weedkiller cancer lawsuits

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